Jimmy Lam, 38-years-old, was a UPS employee who went on a shooting rampage approximately 9 a.m. yesterday in the San Francisco delivery facility where he worked. He shot and killed three co-workers before turning the gun on himself, discharging his weapon, and dying from his self-inflicted wound. Two more people were injured and released from San Francisco General Hospital.

Lam opened fire during a meeting with co-workers yesterday. Investigators are working to determine the motive. According to the city’s chief medical examiner, Lam killed Michael Lefiti, 46, Benson Louie, 50, and Wayne Chan, 56.

Mack Toia, Lefiti’s cousin, told KGO-TV that he was at the package delivery facility to pick up Lefiti. He heard shots, left his van, and saw his cousin sprawled on the ground behind a gate. Police were on the scene quickly, he said. They allowed him to touch his cousin and tell him he loved him but he couldn’t give him a hug. They were trying to resuscitate Lefiti.

As police confronted the armed shooter, they pulled the injured people to safety, according to Toney Chaplin, assistant police chief in San Francisco. Two victims were found outside the building and another inside. Police didn’t fire any shots. They recovered two guns at the scene.

The Associated Press reported that in March, Lam filed a grievance against UPS, claiming that he was working “excessive overtime,” Joseph Cilia, who is an official with a Teamsters Union local representing San Francisco UPS workers.

Shooter selected colleagues he killed

Lam specifically targeted the co-workers he shot, Cilia said. He shot Louie in the midst of the meeting. Co-workers were fleeing the room and, then, Chat was shot in the back. Lam walked up to Chan and, then, he “finished him,” Cilia said. As Lefiti was fleeing the building, the Lam went to the street and fatally shot him.

According to UPS, Louie and Lefiti were each employed by UPS for 17 years. Chan worked for UPS for 28 years. Lam was with UPS for 18 years.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee praised authorities for their proactive response and condemned the violence. The shooting happened in an industrial neighborhood located in the Potrero Hill district, approximately two miles from the city’s downtown area.

Police conducted searches and collected evidence

Investigators raided a Richmond District residence that is listed under Jimmy Lam. San Francisco police entered the home on 4th Avenue at approximately 3:30 p.m. yesterday. Officers left with a computer tower, file boxes, and additional items – put into the trunks and backs of law enforcement vehicles.

Police also searched a 2012 BMW at the scene. According to ABC7 News, the vehicle belonged to Lam.

UPS employees also told the news station that Lam had children and was a San Francisco resident.

Back to work but not as usual for UPS co-workers

Makeshift memorials have been created at two corners of the UPS building. Employees returned to work today and visited a memorial, praying and signing a poster that honors their colleagues who died yesterday.

A UPS loader who works the overnight shift, Isaiah Miggins said finishing his shift was hard. He also likened UPS to the United States Post Office, saying, UPS has to get “those packages out.”

Susan Rosenberg, a UPS spokesperson, said the delivery company has summoned additional drivers, along with loaders and management from different facilities to assist with the backlog. The UPS facility also had grief counselors present. Yesterday, the police had a priest on site.

Cilia called the act of violence senseless. “Why them?” he asks.