John Robert Neumann Jr., age 45, who lived alone and did not belong to any terrorist group, worked for an awning factory until April. He was fired. He returned to the factory yesterday and methodically killed five people with a hunting knife and a semi-automatic pistol, according to Sheriff Jerry Demings, Orange County, FL.

Neumann reportedly went into the Fiamma Inc. factory through the back door and roamed the building, according to the Demings. He had a plan and was looking for specific people. He paused, at least once, and reloaded. He singled out five former co-workers he methodically shot, most in the head.

Some of his victims were shot multiple times. He killed himself when he heard a siren approaching.

He allowed one woman to leave the building unharmed after pointing a gun at her. She ran across the street to a tile business and called 911, according to the store’s owner, Yamaris Gomez. Deming said he likely did not recognize the woman since she was hired after Neumann was fired in April.

Three men and one woman were dead when officers arrived at the factory. A fifth person targeted by Neumann was rushed to a hospital. That man also died. The sheriff said around eight additional people, who were also inside the building, were not injured by Neumann. Deming described the gunman as a disgruntled employee.

He further stated that the shootings were most likely a Workplace Violence incident.

Shooter’s prior run-ins with law enforcement

While Deming did not state why Neumann was fired, he said deputies responded to the factory roughly three years ago. He was accused in a battering incident, but no charges were filed against Neumann, whose criminal history entailed minor drug possession and a DUI.

He didn’t have a permit for concealed weapons.

The factory, in an industrial area, is surrounded by textile companies and small businesses. The workplace shooting happened an estimated seven miles from downtown Orlando – the opposite side from Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

Shooter’s victims identified, no motive yet known for workplace violence

Police have identified the shooting victims as Brenda Montanez-Crespo, 44; Robert Snyder, 69; Kevin Lawson, 46; Jeffrey Roberts, 57; and Kevin Clark, 53.

Members of Orlando’s FBI office were dispatched to the shooting site to assist in the investigation and determine the motive.

When Jennifer Blevins heard the news that there was a shooting, at the factory northeast of Orlando, she said she panicked. She tried calling him but couldn’t reach him. When she saw a post on Facebook yesterday morning, her heart sank. Her fears were confirmed hours later. Her father was Robert Snyder.

Cool Blue Customs, which has been housed in the same building as Fiamma for the past three years, was surrounded by deputies and blocked off when Todd Bluewater arrived at his business yesterday morning.

He knew all of the employees and said they were all good people.

A year ago next week is the one-year anniversary of the shooting massacre at Pulse nightclub. Teresa Jacobs, Orange County’s mayor, said the shooting at Pulse is very different from the shooting at Fiamma.

Last evening, U.S. Marshals and deputies, armed with guns and wearing tactical gear, surrounded the shooter’s single-wide trailer home in Seminole County. They used flashlights, looking through the windows before searching inside the home.

Florida Governor Rick Scott asked that Floridians pray for the families “impacted” by the senseless violence at Fiamma.