A couple from Oregon is accused of killing and neglect after their newborn daughter died. Police believe they deliberately failed to seek medical attention for the apparently ill baby, this according to a press release from the sheriff in Clackamas County, just outside of Portland. The young couple of 24 and 21 years are denying any guilt at a hearing yesterday.

Breathing Problems

On March 5, the 24-year-old mother gave birth to twins, both girls, at her Parents' home. Midwives and family were present during the birth, as well as several members of the Followers of Christ Church who strictly forbid members to seek medical help and instead believe prayer, hand laying, and oils will heal the sick.

One of the babies had breathing problems shortly after birth and died after a few hours. Only after the girl was dead, a church leader who was present contacted the authorities -- the 911-emergency number was never called.

According to the doctor who examined the dead baby, the girl was born prematurely and had complications with the lungs and oxygen intake and would have a better chance of surviving if she received medical assistance. The survivor's twin, Evelyn, was sent to the hospital after the parents were convinced by the police to do so. It's unclear who has custody of her. Three months later, the police investigation is completed and the prosecution has taken place. The couple has been imprisoned.

The sister convicted

Followers of Christ Church, who mainly have a foothold in Oregon and Oklahoma, have repeatedly been in the public eye, after several other cases where infants have died due to lack of medical treatment; According to Oregon's Supreme Court, child mortality in the congregation is 26 times greater than in the rest of the population.

According to the police, the grandmother's older sister and husband in 2011 were found guilty of killing their newborn son, who died nine hours after the birth in 2009. The couple, including the members of the Free Church, were given a sentence of six years in prison. Oregon has recently amended the legislation so that it is possible to punish parents who refuse children's medical assistance in favor of prayer.

In neighboring Idaho, parents are still free to choose this on behalf of the children.

Do you think that the parents should be charged and convicted in the baby's death? Should they have sought medical help in addition to prayer?