According to CNN, GOP Senators have expressed interest in a particular section of #Obamacare, which was created for people with pre-existing conditions as they try to refurbish the act. The new development could anger conservatives and cause strife within the House of Representatives, thereby reducing the chances of implementing the bill. According to Republican officials experienced in negotiations, the GOP leaders want to allow what is known as Community Rating—a provision within the Obamacare act that prevents insurance companies from billing people more based on their medical history.

States request to drop essential health benefit

Meanwhile, #States demand a go-ahead by the Senate to allow them to drop the Obamacare key health benefit mandate, which requires insurance companies to take care of essential medical services such as maternity, mental health care, and drug prescription.

CNN reports that the Senate bill would allow states to drop both provisions, resulting in strong criticism that the House is going back on their promise to permit community rating. Under the Senate act passed in May, Insurance companies in the states that dropped the community rating are able to bill patients with pre-existing conditions if their validity expires.

GOP Senators could be making attempts to resolve the fears of the states by allowing the rating protection but may cause internal dispute.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell cannot afford the luxury of losing three members in the bid to refurbish the health care system. If that happens, their attempt to overhaul the bill will be wasted.

Community rating protection

CNN reports that keeping the provision of the bill may not be accepted by conservatives who are of the opinion that the house needs to drop as many Obamacare provisions as possible in other to save cost.

Conservative Sen. Mike Lee has motioned that states willing to comply with the bills should be mandated to do so.

However, the bill may face other challenges across the Capitol Hill if not dropped.

Denying states the opportunity to pick and choose from the provisions may hinder the progress of the two bills in the future. Given that it was the community rating protections that attracted many members of the Conservative House to endorse the Republican American Health Care Act.

According to CNN, the GOP Senators have quite a number of good political decisions ahead. If they permit states to drop the community rating provisions, it negates Donald Trump’s campaign promises which may instigate an attack by Senate Democrats.