The Pentagon finally received authorization to send additional U.S. troops back to Afghanistan.since 2016. This is a major development in the fight against ISIS, which is reportedly gaining a foothold in the Northern parts of the country. The decision was finalized Tuesday as reported on USA today by Associated Press.

How many American troops will be sent to Afghanistan?

U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis received the authority to send additional American troops to afghanistan. This is after local insurgents continually targeted American troops in the country.

Though the order was given, there are no reports as to how many troops are to be sent. Mattis added that America is not winning the war in Afghanistan and thousands will be required to stop the flood of insurgents.

ABC News reported that "the delegation of troop level authority to Mattis presumably means that the defense secretary will decide how many additional American troops could be headed to Afghanistan."

When troops were withdrawn in 2011, the stream of soldiers returning home was completed only in December 2016. However, due to the void created by the decreasing number of soldiers and the weak Afghan government taking over, ISIS got a chance to gain a foothold. At the, there are more than 8,000 American soldiers in Afghanistan and a few thousand additional troops from allied countries.

What will be the repercussion of sending troops to Afghanistan again?

U.S. President Donald Trump promised during his campaign that he will make sure America does not get entangled in foreign wars again. However, he may break his promise as his war on ISIS is forcing him deeper into investing thousands of troops in the Middle East.

However, Mattis admits that Americans will need to stay longer than planned in Afghanistan in order to ensure the stability of the weak government.

The main focus of the deployment is to secure the stability of the country and to halt the possible resurgence of ISIS cells after defeating them in Syria and Iraq. There is no exact time frame for how long U.S.

troops will stay in the country, but according to Joint Chief's of Staff, Joseph Dunford said the Afghan government needs ample time to strengthen before they can govern the country by themselves.

This is a major decision for the government, especially for Trump as this authorization to send troops to hostile countries will mean casualties. However, given these odds, Trump is adamant on defeating ISIS on all fronts and will most likely approve an offensive stance against the terror group. He had already taken steps to secure Muslim allies in the Middle East and gained the support of both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Trump, at the moment, is now in a good position to push ISIS back and end the threat of terrorism once and for all.