Kabul has been rocked by a massive Terrorist Attack on May 31, 2017. It took place in the Diplomatic Enclave. The attack took place close to the Indian embassy and the German embassy.

The bomb blast took place in a secure area and is cause for concern. The diplomatic enclave houses the embassies of most of the countries including the US.

As per reports, more than 80 are killed and over 300 wounded. The death toll is rising, and more deaths can be expected. Reports suggest that a truck laden with explosives entered the secure area and detonated the explosives.

If true, this points to a grave dereliction of security in a supposedly sanitized area. CNN International reports this news.

America and the Taliban

The USA supports the government of Abdul Ghani. The Americans entered Afganistan after 9/11 and overthrew the Taliban government. The leadérs of the Taliban took refuge in Pakistan which began to support a faction of the Taliban. The Afghan government and the US military were thus fighting a battle with one arm tied behind their back. The Taliban has made a comeback and is increasingly putting pressure on the Ghani government.

The ISIS has now also entered Afghanistan. They were instrumental in attacking a NATO convoy in the same area a week back, and eight persons were killed.

Fighting the battle

The United States Central Command is controlling the fight against the Taliban and the Islamic state. The US military is now fighting the Taliban for 15 years, but it appears that the terror group is resilient as ever.

There is also the factor of the Islamic State. The US is guilty of going soft on the Taliban. They are hoping the group can be brought to the negotiating table. This is not happening, and the ferocity of the Taliban attacks is increasing.

The US is concentrating on the ISIS, and the Central Command even used a MOAB on them in the eastern mountains.


The US has to change its strategy, in case the battle is to be won in Afghanistan. The US army has to target the Taliban equally. It also has to attack the safe sanctuaries in Pakistan. The Afghan government has been complaining against Pakistan. There was also a border clash between the two armies a month back.

Donald Trump has vowed to finish the ISIS and radical Islamic outfits. He would have realized that the Taliban and the Islamic state are similar chips. He has also to deal with Pakistan. Unless the US gets it act together the chance of victory is remote.There are reports that Russia is supporting the Taliban. This is a compounding factor and will have to be factored in by Trump.