First daughter Ivanka Trump harvested netizens’ ire after she complained of experiencing an unexpected level of viciousness toward her father. Twitter members immediately reminded the wife of Jared Kushner of Donald Trump’s track record of cruelty toward people who oppose or criticize the billionaire.

A Twitter member with the handle @tedlieu cited the president’s Muslim ban as an example of Trump’s viciousness. He encouraged Ivanka to stop the hypocrisy and cited brother Eric’s comment that Democrats are not people as applicable to GOP members too.

More examples of Trump’s viciousness

Other than the travel ban, the netizens cited other examples of how bad Trump has been over the years. Among the instances they recalled are Trump’s comments about the father of Sen. Ted Cruz, how he spread lies about the birth certificate of President Barack Obama, and how he incited the crowds to cheer whenever the call to lock up rival Hillary Clinton came up.

Still on Obama, @jfreewright, who described Trump as an incompetent, vulgar conman, suggested for years that his predecessor was a foreign agent. It was the real estate billionaire, however, who hired a foreign agent NSA to get a pass, he pointed out.

Pushing the president’s agenda

Ivanka made the remarks when she guested on Monday at “Fox and Friends” to push the White House agenda.

She promoted the workforce development week and stressed that her husband loves his work as a senior adviser to his father-in-law and head of the Office of American Innovation, CNN reported.

She said Jared has an impact on the presidency by the role he plays in modernizing government, foreign policy initiatives, and planning and organizing Trump’s first foreign trip.

Kushner, however, is being investigated by the FBI for his role in contacting the Russian government, including proposing a back communications channel using Russian embassy facilities.

Although she described the 24-hour news cycle as receiving feeds and encouraged by a lot of salacious details about the White House and personalities in the Trump administration, Ivanka said they remain focused on the work, especially her husband.

She said that Kushner is someone who likes getting things done, so he is not involved in all the reported internal drama in the West Wing.

Rough around the edges

The first daughter is aware of all the talks about her father’s brash behavior and even sexual harassment complaints. Ivanka ignores those talks, Mashable noted, since she rather draws from tender moments with Trump whom she admitted is rough around the edges.

Mashable recognized the human tendency to defend the people that Ivanka loves and admires, despite their rough edges. As for Trump’s viciousness, when the former “The Apprentice” host attacks people, he is seen as within his right to protect himself and his family, who also protects him back just like what Ivanka did.