Many conservatives who have attended the anti-Trump protests and counterprotests in Portland and Berkeley know Antonio Foreman as the bulky, jovial, red-haired bodyguard for right-wing political reactionary Tim Treadstone, better known to his Twitter and YouTube followers as Baked Alaska. Foreman is now fighting for his life in the ICU of the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after being stabbed nine times after leaving a free speech rally in Los Angeles.

According to Vincent James of the conservative website The Red Elephant, Foreman had left a rally hosted by a group called 'Based in LA' to grab a drink with fellow right-wing activist Kyle Chapman at a local Santa Monica bar.

Shortly after leaving the bar, Foreman's truck was rear-ended by a vehicle driven by two Armenian men, who attacked Foreman without provocation while shouting racial slurs at him. as soon as he exited his vehicle

Foreman says that the last thing he heard before losing consciousness was, "You're getting the shank, white boy."

He was stabbed nine times and suffered deep slash wounds on his face and neck, requiring emergency twelve-hour surgery.

The pro-Trump activist, who has several political and patriotic bumper stickers on the back of his truck, believes that he was targeted, followed and attacked because of his political beliefs.

Attackers apprehended by LAPD

On Monday evening Treadstone tweeted that the LAPD had both attackers in custody and that their bail has been set at one million dollars each.

A fund to help cover Foreman's medical expenses has been set up at WeSearchr, as Foreman does not have medical insurance. So far, more than two thousand dollars have been raised for the wounded pro-Trump activist.

Although Foreman frequently counterprotests at Antifa rallies on the West Coast, it is unclear if his attackers belong to, or are affiliated with, any Antifa groups.

Open season on Republicans

The knife attack against Antonio Foreman follows on the heels of the politically motivated shooting of House Minority Whip Steve Scalise, who was shot on Wednesday morning in Alexandria, Virginia, during a congressional baseball practice.

The shooter, James T. Hodgkinson, was a campaign volunteer for Bernie Sanders with a lengthy history of anti-Trump social media posts.

The Daily Caller reported on Friday that Hodgkinson-- who was killed by law enforcement after the attack-- had an "assassination" list of several prominent Republican lawmakers in his pocket.