Melania Trump took to Twitter Wednesday morning to say that her thoughts and prayers were with the victims of the Virginia Shooting. It meant nothing to some, however. The first lady also thanked first responders for helping victims in the violent incident. Melania's tweet didn't sit well with those who strongly oppose her husband as the nation's sitting president.

First lady's prayers seen as 'empty gesture'

It was revealed last month that Melania Trump is a Catholic, news that emerged after she met Pope Francis in Italy. Her religious denomination was unknown until the president and his wife took their first overseas trip.

Melania is viewed even more by some as a hypocrite for sending her thoughts, with at least one declaring that thoughts and prayers are an empty gesture and should stop altogether.

She was blasted for not tweeting her thoughts and prayers to victims in the London bombing or praying for those in Flint during the water crisis. One person critiqued Melania for placing an exclamation point at the end of her tweet, insisting that it was inappropriate under the circumstances. Moreover, a few accused the first lady of not writing her own message, and one joked that she might have plagiarized it from someone -- referring to her infamous speech at the 2016 National Republican Convention in which she borrowed several excerpts from Michelle Obama's speech delivered at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

Many also appreciated Mrs. Trump's tweet

Overall, Melania Trump did receive appreciation and praise for her tweet from several of her own followers.

Many sent their thoughts and prayers along with hers to the victims of the tragedy. It's unknown if Melania reads through her Twitter feed to see how people are responding. The negative reactions may remind her of why she wanted to make cyber-bullying something she wanted to fight. On the campaign trail, Melania said she was determined to take a stand against online bullying where social media was concerned, but hasn't addressed the issue since her husband was inaugurated.

Melania and Barron moved into the White House

Melania and Barron Trump are now moved in to the White House after putting off their move for six months so Barron could finish the school year in Manhattan. The president finally has his family with him in Washington, D.C. and there's talk that it could mean that Trump will ease up in terms of his contentious demeanor. No one is expecting Melania to change her husband, but her presence at the White House is providing some hope.