In yet another controversial decision during the early stages of his administration, Donald Trump has made the move to privatize the United States Air Traffic Control system. After following up his speech with a tweet on the issue, the president faced instant backlash from critics on social media.

Trump on Twitter

During the 2016 presidential election, it was clear that a Donald Trump presidency would favor the private sector due to his long history as businessman. Many of the policies that Trump presented were similar to what Republicans have put forward in the past, with some going even further.

On Monday, Trump addressed the media at the White House and announced his plan to privatize the air traffic control system in the United States, while separating it from the FAA. The former host of "The Apprentice" went on to accuse the current system of being too "antiquated," claiming that it was holding back progress. Trump's plan would be to run the new version of the air traffic control system as a non-profit organization, which would be funded by the fees paid by the airlines, as well as additional revenue generated by within United States airspace. That new source of revenue would replace how the system is currently run by using taxpayer money. As seen during a June 5 tweet, Trump attached a video of his speech, while adding an additional message in the process.

Taking to Twitter on June 5, Donald Trump continued his promotion to privatize the air traffic control system. "Today, I announced an Air Traffic Control Initiative to take American air travel into the future - finally!" Trump tweeted out.

The president's move doesn't come as a surprise, with Republicans doubling down and backing Trump as the conservative plan to privatize another aspect of government continues.

Twitter reacts

Not long after sending out his tweet, Donald Trump was hit with an onslaught of criticism from those pushing back at his latest decision.

"Now the clown-in-chief wants to privatize Air Traffic Control. AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL. Controlled by his fat friends. What could go wrong???" actor Ron Perlman tweeted out.

"Oh good because your previous forays with the aviation industry have been so successful," actor Tommy Campbell wrote on his Twitter account.

"'Take American Air Travel into the future' yet treat democracy and American citizens like passengers on United," comedian Kristina Wong added in response.

"Can it please take me four years into the future? Thanks," Alex Zalben sarcastically stated. The backlash continued as it quickly became clear that the partisan divide among the political left and right was not going to end at any point in the near future.