London was the target of a coordinated terrorist strike again on Saturday, as reports confirmed that terror strikes hit the city in three different areas. There have been at least four fatalities reported as well as dozens of people injured in what look to be pre-planned and timed stabbings at the London Bridge, Vauxhall and Borough Market.

Details regarding the London terror strike are still coming together as the scene is still unfolding and it's not known just how many people have been affected.

London Bridge, Vauxhall and Borough Market

The London Bridge is currently on lockdown after reports that a van ran down a crowd of around 20 people according to eyewitnesses.

"A white van driver came speeding - probably about 50mph - veered off the road into the crowds of people who were walking along the pavement," a woman told BBC News.

It was also reported that pedestrians near the bridge have been attacked by people wielding knives. According to the Telegraph, witnesses are describing the scene as "Westminster all over again" and say that in addition to the van attack and reports of multiple stabbings, there also have been reports of rapid gunfire in the area.

BBC reports that officers have been in the Borough Market area as well as London Bridge, responding to reports of stabbings. Additionally, there was also a reported incident at Vauxhall that is likely related to what is happening at Borough Market and London Bridge.

Just minutes after learning about the terrorist attacks, there was another report about an incident at Borough Market. A cab driver told police that he witnessed three men running through the market as they stabbed people. One of their victims was a young girl that the cab driver says he witnessed the men stab as they continued to run.

Police respond

The chaos that came with the London terror attacks is growing and police are still working to secure the areas and keep people safe. Police reportedly were going into bars and restaurants in the Southwark area and telling the patrons inside to get down. Likewise, they reportedly told people who were seen outside to run and get out of the area.

London Bridge has been shut down following the incident and the Southwark Bridge is currently also closed. Buses are being diverted from the affected areas and those who may still be down there have been cautioned to be careful and if possible, get out. Armed police and counter-terrorism specialists have been seen on hand.

The latest London terror attacks come less than two weeks since the Manchester bombing at the Ariana Grande concert that took 22 lives. So far, this latest attack is said to have taken at least 4 lives with dozens injured. Those numbers will be updated once the situation is contained and Metro police can make an official comment about the events that have transpired.