The May 22 attack at the Manchester Arena during an Ariana Grande concert, was one of the worst terror attacks to have taken place in the United Kingdom. Naturally, Grande was devastated that so many teenagers and children were killed and grievously injured in the Terror Attack. Today, the star flew down to the United Kingdom today and met with a teenager who was recovering from her injuries at a Manchester hospital.

A surprise visit

22 people lost their lives and plenty were injured following the May 22 terror attack at the Manchester Arena. The devastation caused by the attack prompted Grande to do another concert at Manchester in order to raise money for the support of the victims as well as their near and dear ones.

She is in Manchester for the said concert and flew down to the city yesterday.

However, she decided to meet some of her fans who got injured at that fateful concert and decided to visit them at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital, where most of them are still recovering. Ariana Grande posted a photograph of her with a child on her Instagram feed. The photograph has been shared thousands of times on social media. She also shared the original photograph posted on Instagram with her 46 million-odd followers on Twitter. In addition to her fans, the parents of the children injured in the attack have also been deeply touched by her gesture to meet with the victims of the terror attack personally.

Outpouring of goodwill

However, it should be noted that Grande shared only one photograph, even though she met several children during her hospital visit and those photos found their way into social media as well. Parents posted plenty of photographs of their wards with the pop star and expressed their joy at Grande making this excellent gesture that lit up the day of those, who were injured in the attack at the concert.

A parent posted the pictures of his daughter with Grande and accompanied the photos with a comment that showed how happy his daughter was. "So happy she came I could burst! Never seen Jaden so happy! Even cried again myself."

The grand concert, which has been christened One Love Manchester will not only feature Ariana Grande but also other superstars.

Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Justin Beiber will be among the performers at the concerts as well. The British band Coldplay is also going to be one of the acts. It is, without doubt, a redoubtable response to the terrorists who might have thought that they could bring a great city like Manchester to a fearful standstill.