justin trudeau and Barack Obama are back at it again! Our favorite bromance in the world of politics reunited for an intimate candlelight dinner for two in Montreal on Tuesday. The two leaders, who have a history of making the netizens swoon over their viral photos, reportedly discussed their plan to engage youth leaders in their communities.

How did their bromance started?

Justin Trudeau previously met the then-U.S. president Barack Obama at the White House after the latter invited him for a state visit. The American leader said he and his Canadian counterpart share the same "outlook on the world," referring to their mutual commitment to fight climate change.

He personally revealed that the prime minister has brought a new energy to his country and to their bilateral relations with the Americans.

The Canadian leader, on the other hand, said Barack Obama is like a "sibling" and a "friend" to him. Justin Trudeau even praised the American president for having a "tremendous heart and tremendous intellect."

The White House meeting made Justin Trudeau the first Canadian prime minister to be invited for a state visit in the U.S. in 19 years. The then-president even teased the 45-year-old PM that he might be the most popular Canadian named Justin in America, comparing the leader's popularity to Justin Bieber.

Trudeau and Obama: the new definition of bromance

The two leaders became the subject of an online craze after their meeting at the White House. Netizens were quick to point out how Justin Trudeau looked at Barack Obama in viral photos, and described the duo as the new face of bromance. In fact, their recent reunion has fired up the internet with pictures of them enjoying a laid-back night at a restaurant in the prime minister's hometown.

The Canadian leader took to his social media accounts to share a snippet from his dinner meeting with the former U.S. president.

"How do we get young leaders to take action in their communities?" Justin Trudeau wrote. "Thanks Barack Obama for your visit and insights tonight in my hometown."

As expected, some netizens have come up with their witty captions for the viral photo of the two leaders. "It's like Obama and Trudeau saw all the memes and said, "Let's do dinner for the fandom,"" a Twitter user commented.

How about MacDeau's bromance?

The newly installed leader of France, emmanuel macron, caught the attention of the public during his appearance at the G7 summit, where he personally bonded with the Canadian prime minister.

In fact, the French president said he and Justin Trudeau are the new face of "Franco-Canadian friendship."