The incident appears to have been filmed last Sunday night. In the disturbing Video, two bullies can be seen taunting a 12-year-old Girl who is sitting on the ground. The pair then decides to kick the victim in the head.

They continued to slap and punch their victim, as well as spit on her. The two bullies were arguing with the victim on a country path, while a third girl was filming the while thing.

At one point in the video, one of the girls calls the victim a cow before kicking her in the face. It doesn't stop there though because the bullies are then seen taking turns booting the helpless girl.

You can hear the victim pleading with the girls to let her go home, but they told her no.

Victim asked when she should go home

The bullying continues with the victim asking the bullies when would she be allowed to go back home, but they informed her that she could when they were "finished" with her.

The girl on the ground starts crying, and that's when one of the bullies sarcastically points it out. In an attempt to get away, the victim tried to get to her feet, but she was kicked down. This happened multiple times, but eventually, the victim managed to get up and make a run for it. The bullies took off after her and then the video ended. The video can be found here, but be warned it is disturbing.

Police found out who the pair was

After the sickening clip was uploaded to Facebook, police began an investigation. Authorities received names of the two girls from various sources. They eventually tracked down the two girls, who had met up with their victim in Mablethorpe. Police said the girls were under the care of local authority.

They added that they were consulting with the girls' social workers.

The pair, both 13-years-old, left their homes without their family knowing. One of the girls' relatives spoke out and described the attack as vile. The family member, who was not named, said not one of the girl's family agrees with what she did.

The relative continued to say that the two girls and the girl filming were all equally to blame.

He said the family has punished the girl. He added that the case is now being dealt with by authorities.

Another relative of one of the bullies said that one of the girls left without the family knowing. She said the girl's relatives were disgusted by what happened. She said the suspect was also disgusted.

A friend of the girls spoke out about the vicious attack. She said the two girls had been friends with the girl they were bullying. She said they all enjoyed getting together, dancing, listen to music and watch movies.