With the bad blood continuing between Donald Trump and the media, it's no surprise that the president has increased his use of social media. Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway recently came to Trump's defense for constantly finding himself tweeting, but didn't get the best reaction in the process.

Conway on Trump

It all started two years ago when Donald Trump stood on the floor of Trump Tower in New York City and announced that he was going to run for president in the Republican primary. While the initial reaction to Trump's decision was curiosity and laughter, the story quickly became serious as the former host of "The Apprentice" gained popularity.

Trump was able to ride that momentum to the GOP nomination, and eventually the presidency after a stunning general election victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. During this time, Trump engaged in a war of words with the press, tapping into the distrust that already was built up between conservatives and the mainstream media. The billionaire real estate mogul has since made a habit out of bashing journalists, while labeling any story he disagrees with as "fake news." In place of the traditional press, Trump has relied on social media to get his message across, tweeting on an almost daily basis despite negative attention coming from his critics. After yet another week of Twitter use by Trump, Kellyanne Conway decided to speak out, which was seen on her on social media feed and reported by The Hill on June 10.

While attending the Faith and Freedom Coalition's Road to Majority conference over the weekend, Kellyanne Conway spoke to a safe space of Donald Trump supporters and praised his obsession with the social media platform.

"His social media platform is incredibly powerful, him cutting out the middle man has angered the middle man, but that’s OK," Conway said.

"Why shouldn't all of us in this day and age receive the same information at the same time from the president of the United States if you are able to?" Kellyanne Conway rhetorically asked.

Conway later doubled down on her speech with a post on her own Twitter feed, tweeting, "@POTUS social media cuts out middleman and has created democratization of information."

Twitter reacts

In response to Kellyanne Conway's tweet regarding Donald Trump's constant use of social media, critics of the president and his former campaign manager didn't hold back their thoughts. "Oh, plz. Chump uses Twitter as a propaganda tool, Goebbel Barbie. You're both leading to the destruction of our democracy w your lies," one tweet read.

"Creates the gaslighting of America.

Reason why founding fathers wanted a strong independent press to counter meglomaniacal fascists," another Twitter user wrote. "If only he weren't a compulsive liar. Democracy is predicated on truth," an additional message noted.

"It's also revealed how petty and unhinged he is.

It will contribute to his downfall & he just doesn't see that!" another tweet noted. The negative reaction poured in as Kellyanne Conway and the White House continue to be at odds with those on the left.