While many issues have been debated among the American people when it comes politics, the topic of health care has quickly become the most heated. After Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway was caught in an apparent lie over the way Donald Trump's recent Health Care Bill cuts into the Medicaid program, she was forced to clarify her remarks.

Conway on Trumpcare

When Donald Trump kicked off his campaign for president back in June 2015, one of his core messages was to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. While short on details, Trump's promise helped clear the way to his GOP primary victory, which also helped him to a shocking upset win over Hillary Clinton in the general election last November.

Earlier this year, Trump and Republicans in the House of Representatives failed to get on the same page with health care, with the initial bill receiving such negative feedback that it failed to even be put up for a vote. However, last month Trump and the GOP were able to pass the bill through the House and onto the Senate, where it currently awaits further debate and a vote. One of the biggest criticism is the $800 billion it cuts from Medicaid. Despite this, Kellyanne Conway denied the bill was slashing Medicaid funds during a CNN interview on Sunday, but was quickly called out for her falsehoods. During a June 26 appearance on Fox News, Conway did her best to defend herself.

Joining the hosts of "Fox & Friends" on Fox News on Monday morning was Kellyanne Conway who was questioned about lying about Trumpcare's cuts to Medicaid.

"It's not a lie," Conway insisted. "In fact, this is slowing the growth of Medicaid and allowing governors more flexibility in their states to be able to give the dollars out," she continued. "ObamaCare failed to bring the costs down for healthcare," Conway stated, while claiming that "states are having very difficult time meeting the bills.

Medicaid is intended for the poor, the needy, and the sick."

Not stopping there, Kellyanne Conway went on to rip into Obamacare, accusing the current law of expanded Medicaid to people who shouldn't be allowed to qualify, and in turn raising the cost of the program.

"If you are able-bodied and you would like to go and find employment and employer sponsored benefits then you should be able to do that," Conway said. " I'm not going to allow to call me a liar because they don't want to do the homework on Medicaid," she also noted.

Next up

Despite the almost universal negative response to the Republican health care bill currently in the Senate, Donald Trump and his team are showing no signs of backing off their defense. With the GOP in majority-control of Congress, it's likely that the bill will find its way to Trump's desk in one form or another, though Democrats have made it clear that they are not giving up without a fight.