Qatar has been marginalized for some time by neighboring countries due to allegations of financing Terrorist Groups. On that note, Secretary of States Rex Tillerson urged Qatar to settle its differences with its neighbors as quickly as possible.

Tillerson makes this statement 48 hours after other Middle Eastern countries issue a list of demands to Qatar, with a 10 days ultimatum to comply, so as to restore their diplomatic relationship.

Qatar analysis demand

Tillerson said Qatar is scrutinizing the series of requests issued by Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, and Bahrain.

He said although some elements in the request may not be favorable for Qatar, the country has identified a common ground in the request.

The Middle Eastern states cut off all forms of bilateral relationship with Qatar on June 5, blaming the Qatari government for sponsoring terrorism in the region. Qatar has debunked the allegations calling them “baseless” and “unjustified”. Yemen, Maldives and Bahrain sanctioned Qatar indefinitely.

The request required Qatar to quit funding extremist groups, close down her government-sponsored Aljazeera News network, severe ties with Iran and stop the construction of a Turkish military base in the country.

Tillerson said it would be better if the countries involved called for a meeting to iron out their differences.

He said communication is key in establishing a strong relationship and achieving a common target which is to exterminate terrorism.

The United States has volunteered to work with all the parties involved to achieve a smooth and speedy resolution of the matter.

Aljazeera condemns the request

Qatar acknowledged that they are working on the list they received.

Her Foreign Affairs Commission said it would give her reply to Kuwait, which has been the intermediary between Qatar and her neighbors. Sheikh Saif bin Ahmed Al-Thani, the countries Communications director said the demands buttresses Qatar’s initial point.

According to Qatar News Agency reports, its Human Rights Committee has condemned some of the requirements by the neighboring states, stating that they are not obtainable by international human rights standards.

In the reports, the NHRC urged the Qatari government to turn down the demands as it would put them on the center stage and violate its human rights obligations.

On the other hand, Aljazeera protests against the demand, stating that its aim is to hinder the network from carrying out its legitimate rights.