Today a massive Cyber Attack struck the entirety of Ukraine and has spread like wildfire across the globe. Numerous countries are reporting that they have been affected by the attack, including a U.S. biopharmaceutical company, Merck, with access to over 188 million medical files around the world. This is the second major cyber attack inflicted upon world organizations this year, the first taking place in March -- with more likely to come should these attackers continue in their pursuit of cyber terrorism. Not much is known about the cause of the attack but what is known so far is the list of countries impacted by this massive spyware infiltration.

Who is behind it?

Earlier in the year, a Russian man was convicted of hacking multiple U.S. agencies and sentenced to 27 years in prison. Although Russia was also affected by today's attack, speculation lingers as to whether #Russia is still behind the intrusive act. Based on recent allegations of election fraud with the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, it would not be entirely misplaced to believe that Russia played a part in this attack. Additionally, another cyber attack took place earlier in the year, resulting in worldwide calamity from Asia to Europe. Who could be behind such heinous acts that would invade the privacy of millions of lives?

More importantly, where does that leave us, as those who must abide by online regulations that force us to hand over our information via the world-wide web?

Online safety

In light of these events, we must be diligent in the handling of our information via the internet. It is a vast sea of unknown dangers that could be lurking behind every firewall or digital corner.

Be sure to read and re-read those check boxes that websites require you to fill in before signing up with any company affiliated in global or domestic affairs. One can never be too careful, especially when dealing with valuable personal information. If world organizations with billions of dollars and firewalls made to withstand these sorts of events cannot hold, then it is our job to be aware of how our information is being used.

Just recently, Congress passed legislation that would allow all of our web history to be sold to those with the deepest pockets. It would seem that we have nothing else to turn to now but our wits and our endeavor to make sure our privacy is kept in this age of cyber warfare. To that end, we must remain vigilant.