Anticipation is high for the Election in Georgia that is going to happen on Tuesday. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are promoting themselves in last-minute campaigns. Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel are fighting each other for a single seat out of 435, vacated by US Health Secretary Tom Price.

The gunman attack used as a promo tool for election campaigners

As per Brad Carve, a Republican official from Georgia, the shooting incident that took place in Virginia last week might fetch sympathy as well as support for the Republicans.

He said further that the moderate and independent citizen must give the Republicans and President Donanld Trump a chance. An anti-Republican gunman opened fire on Republicans during baseball practice at a park in Alexandria, Virginia.

House Of Representatives Majority Whip Steve Scalise was among the wounded and is still in critical condition. The assassin, who had campaigned for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders earlier, was shot dead by the Police. The attack was condemned by both parties, but, it seems that the incident has become an effective promotional tool for the Republicans against “left-wing extremism."

Another test for President Trump

Tuesday’s election in the suburban district is something of a test of Donald Trump’s popularity.

He extended his support to Handel, and if she wins, that will be an added advantage. The Democrats have also done their homework and winning the seat is extremely important for them, as it can give them the majority in The House of Representatives. It has been a Republican seat, historically, however.

The advertisement that raised eyebrows

The Republicans came up with an advertisement as part of their campaign, which attempted to link the Virginia attack to the Democrats. The narrator is heard accusing the Democrats and holding them responsible for the tragic incident, while trying to convince the voters to choose the Republicans over the leftist Democrats.

However, the ad was condemned by both candidates.

Wait and watch

So, the campaigns are currently in full swing, with speculation still making the rounds. We need to wait until the results are declared after the election on Tuesday to determine if the gunman attack on the Republicans actually made an impact in the minds of the voters. Either way, the pending results of this election will be interesting.