The US F-15E fighter (Strike Eagle) shot down the pro-governmental Shahed-129 drone of Iranian production near At Tanf, Syria on Monday. This was reported by CNN.

The international coalition led by the United States was hit by Syrian drones, CNN reported. The coalition shot down Iranian-made Shahed-129, belonging to the Syrian Air Force, near the At-Tanf area, the channel said.

The Shahed-129 UAV was shot down by the US Strike Eagle about 12:30 am on Tuesday morning after it advanced on Coalition forces and showed intent hostile. It is the second Iranian drone shot down by the U.S.

in less than a month.

The Pentagon stated that the unmanned aerial vehicle of the Assad regime was a threat because it had weapons on board and was in close proximity to the forces of the US-led international coalition.

Shahed-129 range

It is specified that the drone carried a warhead that did not explode. The range of Shahed-129 is up to two thousand kilometers, it is capable of carrying four air-to-surface missiles. The UAV could hit terrestrial mobile and fixed targets.

At the same time, two US officials told CNN television that an American F-15E fighter shot down drones on Monday, June 19, 55 kilometers from the border of the de-confliction zone.

One of the officials said that UAV "was assessed as a threat."

After following Tuesday's incident, the U.S. military has destroyed the pro-Syrian forces fifth time in the southern Syria since late May.

Another Syrian warplane was shot down just days before

On Sunday, June 18, the US F/A-18 Super Hornet shot down the Syrian aircraft, explaining its actions by the fact that the Su-22 dropped bombs on the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in the city of Raqqa, Syria.

In Damascus, it was stated that the fighter participated in the operation against the "Islamic State" group, and accused the coalition of coordinating strikes with militants.

The actions of the US and its allies were criticized by the Russian Foreign Ministry, and they were called by the Defense Ministry actually military aggression against Syria.

The Russian military department also ceased to cooperate with the US in the framework of the memorandum on the prevention of incidents in the sky over Syria.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also added that all the planes of the international coalition that flying west of the Euphrates River would be tracked and considered as a "potential target."