On Monday, the Gulf States agreed to cut diplomatic links with Qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorism. It all started with kicking Qatar out of their military alliance.

Qatar in doldrums

Riyadh, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt unanimously decided to severe ties with Qatar. Qatar’s operations in Yemen, which support Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E, have been suspended.

According to reports by the Saudi Press Agency, Riyadh decided to cut diplomatic relations with its neighbor to “guard its national safety from threats of terrorism and radicalism.” Riyadh has closed all borders with its neighbor.

Sea, land and airports have been closed. Qatar citizens have been given two weeks to return to their country.

“Gross violations committed by Qatar authorities over the few years have prompted their neighbors to cut links with them”, according to the Saudi statement.

Egypt has also accused Qatar of supporting terror-like activities and has closed all Ports and airports to Qatar.

Trump’s visit to Riyadh led to an agreement, between Washington and Doha to strengthen ties in defending themselves. Close to two weeks ago, President Trump courageously told Saudi Arabia and the U.A.E that Qatar’s divergent ideas will no longer be condoned.

But Qatar alleged that it was a victim of a hostile media campaign from the US, where it was criticized for supporting Islamist groups.

Comments by Qatar prompted regional powers, including the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, to exclude them from Gulf Foreign policy.

According to BBC, Bahrain was the first nation to table a withdrawal motion. Saudi Arabia followed on Monday. Yemen, Egypt and United Arab Emirates have followed suit.

In 2014, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and United Arabs Emirates removed their ambassadors from Qatar, citing interference in their affairs.

Thd Gulf States’ decision has adversely affected the economy of Qatar. Shortly after the declarations, the stock market dropped by 7.27%. Food stability is likely to be affected, as most of the food is believed to be sourced from Saudi Arabia.

BBC reports sourced from a Doha newspaper indicate that people have run to supermarkets to increase their stocks of food and water.

Origin of the allegations?

Qatar is being accused of having close links to a group which was formerly referred as Nusra Front, an affiliate of Al-Qaeda.

According to BBC, in May 2017, Qatar Emir gave a speech that strongly criticized America and offered to support Iran. He then went ahead to reaffirm Qatar’s support for Hamas.