One of the more shocking news stories to break since the election of Donald Trump stems from a so-called "dossier" of information released by CNN. The report further links Trump to Russia, with additional details from BuzzFeed making a shocking allegation against the president, which was once again brought up during the leaked statement of James Comey.

Comey on Trump

From the early days of the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump has been forced to deal with non-stop allegations that he had ties back to Russia. After refusing to release his tax returns, critics speculated about what the former host of "The Apprentice" was hiding in his financial history.

As time went on, even more questions were raised as Trump praised Russian President Vladimir Putin, making the Kremlin leader one of the few individuals who the billionaire real estate mogul refused to speak out against. Moving forward, Trump was also hit with other scandals involving Russia, as past and present advisers and associates were exposed for having been in communication with Kremlin officials. These controversies reached a fever pitch during the release of the aforementioned dossier, which BuzzFeed went on to report that it included Trump taking part in "golden shower" sex acts with Russian prostitutes. As expected, the president denied the allegations, infamously lashing out at CNN and BuzzFeed during a press conference earlier this year.

As reported by The Hill, James Comey's opening statement that he is scheduled to give to congress on Thursday on the Russian investigation has been release, and includes information about Trump's reaction to the Russia prostitute story.

According to the report in The Hill, via James Comey's statement, on Wednesday, Donald Trump personally called the recently fired director of the FBI to deny the allegations that he took part in sex acts with "Russian hookers." Comey reveals in his statement that Trump informed him that "he had nothing to do with Russia, had not been involved with hookers in Russia, and had always assumed he was being recorded when in Russia." The allegations against Trump double down on his controversial history with women, which became headlines news last October and November with the release of the Access Hollywood audio tape, followed by allegations of sexual assault by 12 different women.

In addition to the Donald Trump's denial of engaging with Russian hookers, James Comey also confirms an additional report that the president pressured him into committing to his loyalty.

"I need loyalty. I expect loyalty" Trump allegedly told the former FBI director.

Moving forward

On Thursday, James Comey will finally give his testimony in front of Congress as the White House looks on. According to recent reports, Donald Trump is considering live-tweeting the testimony in a possible attempt to defend himself from potentially damaging information being released.