Seasonal Macy’s employee William T. McKinlay, of Philadelphia, PA, is 56-years-old. Not only did he call himself “dirty old Santa," but he also made law enforcement’s naughty list by getting himself arrested on June 21.

McKinlay tried to lure an underage teen girl named “Stephanie” into sex, said Jack Whelan, Delaware County District Attorney. Major problem and crime for McKinlay. His intentions flew south when “Stephanie,” as it turned out, was one of Ridley Township Police Department’s officers.

Law enforcement officers investigating site ‘Santa’ liked

Officer Tim Kearney was working undercover with the Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division (CID) and its Internet crimes against children Task Force (ICAC). On April 12, Kearney posed as 14-year-old ‘Stephanie’ during an investigation of an advertisement on an Internet site entitled “young uns – m4w (NE),” according to the district attorney’s office.

Kearney replied to the ad as “Stephanie,” which rang a bell in “Santa’s” evident interest. McKinley started exchanging messages with Kearney. After “Stephanie” stated and confirmed that she was 14-years-old, McKinley started sexually graphic conversations with Kearney, the district attorney’s office noted.

Accused sex predator arranged meeting teen at ice cream shop

Within a month’s time, McKinlay told “Stephanie” to do her homework, which he explained, in explicit detail, meant masturbate. He wrote and sent a picture using his hands and mouth to visually demonstrate that he wanted to perform oral sex on her. According to Whelan’s office, he sent graphic images, as well, and referenced himself as “dirty old Santa.’

Whelan’s office stated that McKinlay additionally told “Stephanie” that he would love to teach her about sex and see her naked.

On June 12, McKinlay started discussing with Kearney plans to meet in person.

June 14, they arranged to meet on June 21 at 4 p.m. at a Ridley Township ice cream store. Their meeting was confirmed. McKinlay told “Stephanie” not to wear much clothing – shorts, a sleeveless t-shirt, sneakers, and not a stitch more.

When he arrived at the ice cream shop, “Santa” was met by Kearney and a host of law enforcement officials from the township and the county, said Whelan’s office.

Suspect arrested on array of felony charges

“Dirty old Santa” was taken away when McKinlay didn’t resist. He was arrested and faces first-degree felony charges, which include attempted indecent involuntary sexual intercourse, attempted statutory sexual assault and solicitation, and criminal use of a communications facility. He is being held at Delaware County Prison – unable to pay 10 percent of $250,000 bail required for release. His preliminary hearing is set for July 10. Lifetime registration as a sex offender now depends on whether he is convicted.

The district attorney’s office has verified that McKinlay has worked as a seasonal employee at Macy’s in Philadelphia. According to The Sun (UK), he has worked “stints” as St.

Nicholas at the department store and his Facebook account displayed him in a photo dressed as St. Nicholas at Macy’s “Santaland.”

With McKinlay misappropriating and soiling the Santa moniker, Whelan said, over 100 times, he has expressed, “It’s tough to be a parent these days.”