The Cosby Show star Bill Cosby’s victim Andrea Constand has finally faced the man who drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2005. The case was heard before Judge Steven O’Neill in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas, near Cosby’s residence at the Elkins Park mansion.

The accused comedian arrived early in court Monday accompanied by his co-star in “The Bill Cosby Show" Keshia Knight Pulliam as per Enstars. His wife was a no-show at the hearing. The courtroom was filled with civilians and media people that want to witness the proceedings.

Constand was scheduled to give her testimony. Last month, the accused said that he will not be giving a testimony.

Andrea Constand filed a case against Bill Cosby

The time the assault was committed was 2005. Constand, 44 alleged that Cosby drugged her and when she was too weak to resist, the comedian succeeded in abusing her. She reported the incident to the police but the complaint was not thoroughly investigated due to lack of sufficient evidence. In effect, it was closed. After the exposure done by Constand, 13 women surfaced and shared their similar experiences in the hands of Cosby. The case was then reopened. Over time, 60 women have claimed that the now 79-year-old former actor abused them.

Bill Cosby has repetitive sexual offenses for years

Out of all the victims, one was allowed by Judge O’Neill to testify in court according to The Guardian. Kelly Johnson’s testimony closely resembles Constand’s account. The prosecution wants to establish a pattern of abusive behavior on Cosby’s part towards his victims.

Cosby has been committing sexual crimes – rape, sexual battery, child sexual abuse, drug-facilitated sexual assault and sexual misconduct from 1965 up to 2008.

He has admitted to using drugs to young women and casual sex. He also knows that his use of drugs was illegal in the 1970s. He alleged that he and Constand did consensual sex which was totally different with the testimony of the former Temple University employee.

When Cosby’s abuses were revealed, his career and reputation suffered.

Many organizations have cut ties with the comedian, and honors and titles previously awarded to him have been revoked. Many of the universities and colleges have revoked his honorary degrees. Even “The Cosby Show” reruns were pulled off from syndication.

Bill Cosby’s case against Andrea Constand was filed December 30, 2015. On May 24, 2016, he was arraigned. The prosecution has found probable cause to elevate his case to the court. He was granted temporary liberty by posting $1 million bail bond. June 5, 2017, was his first day of trial.