Democratic representatives in Congress have initiated the procedure for the US President's impeachment because his decision to dismiss the FBI director was an "obstruction of justice," The Independent reported last week.

Nobody is above the law

"The question is whether the president can interfere with justice without any punishment," Al Green said at a press conference. "We live in a country where no congressman, senator, or president of the United States is above the law," Green added that Comey's expected testimony could not in any way change the fact that Trump deserves a revocation from the presidential position.

Several more Democrats have stated that there is a possibility for Trump's revocation, but nothing has been done specifically.

James Comey has released a report accusing the president of trying to influence the judiciary. He said the president had tried to persuade him to stop investigating Michael Flynn's relations with Russia. The media emphasize that Trump's revocation is unlikely to happen since the Republicans have the majority in the House of Representatives of Congress and the Senate.

Trump abused his presidential powers

President Donald Trump denied allegations that he called his former FBI ambassador James Comey to stop investigating his ex-national security adviser, and he added that he is "100 percent" willing to testify his side of the story under an oath.

Trump first spoke on Twitter on Friday and accused Comey of lying, the day after Comey testified before the Senate Committee about his meetings with Trump. At the press conference, after meeting with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, the U.S. president answered questions about the Comey issues.

When asked if he was ready to testify about his conversations with Comey, Trump replied "100 percent".

Comey accused Trump of trying to block an investigation against former U.S. National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Comey also said that he has detailed notes on every conversation with Trump. Trump refused to answer if there were any recordings of his conversations with Comey, but said he would "have" more to say, but he warned, "You will be very disappointed when you hear the answer." He stated that conversations with the former FBI chief did not show "any embarrassment, or any interference of justice."

"Frankly, James Comey has confirmed many things I have said, and some of the things he said are not true," the US president told reporters.

Democratic Leader in Congress Nancy Pelosi said on Friday that the U.S. President Donald Trump had, beyond all doubt, abused his powers in relation to former FBI director James Comey, but that it remains to see if he has violated the law. Speaking to reporters after Comey's testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee, Pelosi said Trump "crossed the line" when he requested loyalty from Comey, who was at the time in charge of the FBI, the Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Agency under the jurisdiction of the Justice Ministry.