State Attorneys in Washington DC and the State of Maryland will file a lawsuit claiming that foreign bank payments received by Donald Trump's business empire represent a breach of the United States Constitution, the media conveys by mentioning sources familiar with lawsuits. Donald Trump is already faced with a similar lawsuit filed this year in January by a non-profit association that deals with political ethics.

Trump violated constitutional financing provisions

The lawsuit filed by state attorneys has a higher probability before the court because this is the first step in the judiciary regarding allegations that Trump as a Republican presidential candidate has violated constitutional provisions by defying the financing of politicians from sources controlled by foreign governments.

State Attorneys, nominated by the Democratic Party, are participating in court battles against the United States President's policy and have effectively blocked the implementation of Donald Trump's executive decree regarding the ban on entering the country of citizens of several Muslim majority countries. Claims against President Trump's measures to reduce environmental protection and the abolition of comprehensive health insurance are also in court.

Robert Reich, the former US Secretary of Labor said he fears President Donald Trump loses reason and that it is time to seriously consider his revocation.

Reich wants to remove Trump as soon as possible

Robert Reich was Secretary of Labor during Bill Clinton's first presidency term.

He said he thinks it is time to "seriously consider the 25th constitutional amendment, which allows the removal of a president who is not capable of carrying out his duties". The fourth paragraph of Article 25 of the amendment allows Congress to form a competent authority to assess whether the President is capable of performing his duty and removing his duties without being revoked.

"I'm afraid he is losing his mind," Reich said. "Trump bashed the Democrats (calling them the obstructionists), he insulted the mayor of London Sadiq Khan, and the American court system (he called it slow and political). "I know he is a sociopath, but he seems to have gotten worse," Reich said, citing a source close to Trump, who told CNN that the president now "lives in his own mind, which is currently a dangerous place for President Donald Trump."