Philadelphia Councilman David Oh is in stable condition this morning after being stabbed near his home in Southwest Philadelphia. "CBS: This Morning," reported that Councilman Oh was a victim of an attempted car theft. When Oh arrived home yesterday evening, he was attacked by the suspect while getting out of his vehicle. Councilman Oh was only stabbed once in the side but was immediately rushed to the hospital to attend to his injury.

Who is David Oh?

David Oh became Councilman in the city of Philadelphia when he was elected in the year of 2011.

Oh was re-elected again in the year of 2015 as well. David Oh was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia. Oh attended and graduated from the local Central High School. David Oh's late great father was a reverend in the Philadelphia area as well. Councilman David Oh himself became publicly well known in the city of Philadelphia by becoming the first Asian-American to attain such a position.

Constant tragedy in the 'City of Brotherly Love'

The city of Philadelphia has been a high crime city for a very long time now. The body count has reduced over the last few years but the city is still filled with a great deal of poverty. Drug dealing and murder are typical day to day living for a majority of the citizens that make up the city.

Councilman Oh is no stranger to tragedy himself. According to, "In 1958, David Oh's cousin, In Ho Oh, a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania, was murdered by a group of teenage boys while mailing a letter to his parents." So Councilman David Oh is no stranger to tragedy as his family has been victims of it in the past.

Despite living in a city filled with crime, he continues to serve with dignity.

Accomplishments and choice of residency

Besides being named Councilman of Philadelphia in 2011, David Oh has many other accomplishments under his belt. Oh is a former district attorney and he has served in the United States Military in the National Guard branch.

After serving his country, he relocated back to Philly he started his own law services. A practice he stuck with until becoming Councilman in 2011.

However, with all of his success and tragedy, Councilman Oh still resides in one of the worst neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Southwest Philadelphia is a heavily drugged infested area in the city and it is filled with many low-income housing homes. Being an important figure in the city of Philadelphia, Councilman Oh may need to move to a more stable area to continue to serve the city in good health.