A report released by the U.S. Department of Defense shows the incessant military strike made by American forces on ISIS. The report reveals major strikes made on key ISIS strongholds as part of the Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve. The report also shows the terrorist group slowly losing ground in Syria and Iraq.

What is the major military strike made against ISIS in Syria and Iraq?

The report released by the U.S. DoD showed that coalition forces have conducted 27 strikes in Syria. These strikes are in support of 35 engagement against ISIS targets.

Most of the targets are oil tanks, refineries, vehicles, and two ISIS headquarters. These strikes are intended to weaken the Islamic state forces in preparation for the attack on Raqqa and other key strongholds in Syria.

In Iraq, coalition forces have conducted seven strikes in support of 35 engagements with ISIS forces in the Northern reaches of the country. These strikes are in support of the Mosul offensive which aims to eliminate ISIS forces occupying Northern Iraq. These strikes took out ISIS vehicles, fortified emplacements, vehicles and key ISIS-held buildings in Mosul, Kisik, Baiji and Tal Afar in Northern Iraq.

At the moment, Syrian government forces are steadily pushing ISIS fighters out of the country.

U.S.- backed rebels and Kurds are also gaining ground on its offensive against Raqqa. In Iraq, the Mosul offensive is also gaining ground as the Iraqi army is steadily retaking territories from ISIS control. With the rate of success of Operation Inherent Resolve, it is just a matter of time that the terror group will be finally crushed.

How many U.S. casualties are there already since the start of the war against terror?

According to official reports from the Pentagon, there are already 6,927 reported U.S. casualties from the start of the war against terror way back in 2001. The entire war on terror is slowly gaining ground especially in Syria and Iraq, where ISIS is the main target at the moment.

Slowly the terrorist group is losing ground daily as they wither away from the military might of the coalition.

However, ISIS is slowly establishing new strongholds in other countries. Qatar, Yemen, Indonesia and the Philippines are areas where ISIS operations are actively observed. The U.S. coalition against this terror group will have to find methods to hunt them in these countries after the battle in Syria and Iraq is won.