James Comey has more or less held history in his hands since he came forth in last fall and threw a monkey wrench into the presidential race. His revelation of what turned out to be inconsequential matters has left us with a puzzle that can never be solved. He either gave the White House to Trump or not. We will never know. After that, out of penitence perhaps, he turned his efforts to Trump.

Comey on Trump

The Comey Trump relationship heartened opponents of the president. Comey might turn out to be Donald Trump's nemesis. But then it was learned that Comey had been investigating Trump before the election and a big red light flashed.

Why did Comey not reveal that when he went after Clinton? There has as yet been no satisfactory explanation. And matters were moving faster on the Flynn-Trump trajectory.

Flynn-Trump: bromance or time bomb?

Mike Flynn and Donald Trump might at one point have accepted being tagged with the term bromance. They were not exactly brothers but, given Trump's distance mode, they were close. They shared biases and conspiracy lore. Any enemy of Obama's was a friend of Trump. But whatever the truth of that, what we have now is a ticking time bomb. That is because at some point a third person stepped into the Trump Flynn circle.

His name was and remains James Comey.

Fire Flynn, fire Comey

The biggest loose cannon in this whole story is Donald Trump. His most decisive personnel actions were the firings of the man who helped his White House bid and the man who may have done errands for him in Russia.The motive for firing Flynn was obvious. The motive for firing Comey was less so.

Double-barreled blowback

Now both Comey and Flynn are potential instigators of something that was more or less shelved. impeachment.Trump may never be indicted but he can be impeached for obstruction of justice. All Comey and Flynn need to do is offer grounds for this charge and it's off to the races.


For the last several weeks the thought was on Trump's inability to serve.

Reasons ranged from health issues to indications that he simply cannot do what he was elected to do.

But the action with historical legs is impeachment, Comey could offer clear proof that Trump tried in several ways to pressure him to lighten up on Flynn and Russia. Flynn could indicate that Trump was aware of whatever Russia-related crime Flynn committed. That would amount to a cover-up.

Before Thursday's big Comey event with the Senate Intelligence Committee, impeachment is suddenly back on the table. Trump fumes because Sessions cannot protect him. Chaos continues.