CNN has confirmed that Kathy Griffin's agreement with the network has been terminated. Further, she will no longer appear on the New Year's Eve special as co-host with Andrew Cooper. The decision came shortly after photos of Griffin were released that showed her holding a bloody head resembling that of the US President Donald Trump.

The network has officially issued a statement that they have ended its relationship with the comedian. To recall, Griffin used to host with Cooper on CNN's annual New Year's Eve program since 2007, but it looks as if it will not happen anymore.

Comedian has apologized for the photos

After the disgusting photo has circulated online, it already provoked strong reactions from people in the social media. Strong reactions were also heard from people closest to President Trump, including the First Lady Melanie Trump, who called the image very disturbing in one of her statement.

Meanwhile, Griffin has apologized for what she did. She admitted that she has gone beyond limits. As per source, the photos were taken by a well-known photographer, Tyler Shields. On her Instagram account, Griffin posted a video on Tuesday night. She said, "I beg for your forgiveness. I went too far. I made a mistake. I was wrong."

Further, she also admitted that the images were too disturbing and she asked Shields to take down all photos.

Meanwhile, despite her being sorry, CNN has called the photo "disgusting and offensive."

Photos elicited several reactions online

Andrew Cooper who is Griffin's co-host in CNN also has shared his views about Trump's beheading stunt. Cooper wrote on Twitter that the photo is clearly disgusting and completely inappropriate. Further, the US President Trump also posted on his Twitter account.

He wrote that Griffin should be ashamed of herself.

Trump also added that his son Brandon, who is 11-years old, is having a hard time with it. On the other hand, Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hilary Clinton, also called the photo as vile and very wrong. She added that it is never good to joke about killing the US President.

Griffin, who is known for being an outspoken critic of Trump, issued an initial statement that she did not mean any violence by her fans or among others.

However, it seems like the damage has been done. In the behind-the-scene footage posted by Shields, Griffin can be heard joking about moving to Mexico after several images were released.

On the contrary, the Casino Hotel in New Mexico has officially confirmed that Griffin's performance has been canceled which is supposed to happen in July.