Newt Gingrich is putting the blame on the Democrats after a shooting at a GOP practice in Alexandria on Wednesday morning. The attack has left six people injured, including Louisiana's Steve Scalise who is currently in critical condition. During his guest appearance on Fox News, the former Speaker of the House was almost unstoppable from attacking the other party for what happened in Virginia.

'It's part of a pattern'

Aside from blaming the Democratic party for the recent attack against GOP legislators, Gingrich has mentioned a few more things which he said were part of the "increasing intensity of hostility on the left." The 73-year-old politician accused the other party of allegedly threatening the lives of Donald Trump's supporters.

He also slammed Kathy Griffin for beheading the president in her photo shoot, and a New York play that features a Trump-like Caesar.

Following his controversial accusations against the Democratic Party, MSNBC's Chuck Todd said "we are all to blame" for the attack in Virginia. In the latest broadcast of "Meet the Press Daily," the TV journalist said people are pointing their fingers at each other over the recent incident. Some are putting the blame on the left or right, while others are blaming the media for what has taken place.

“But here’s who it seems too many folks don’t want to blame: themselves," Todd said on the program. The former Political Director for NBC News added everyone is responsible for the violent attack against the members of the Republican party.

"For too long, our collective politics has demonized the other side for caustic behavior while rationalizing that same behavior when it comes from someone who shares their politics," he continued, calling out partisans as "toxic stew."

The 45-year-old journalist asked the public to call out caustic rhetoric when it is evident instead of contesting with it.

He added that "what-about-ism" are among the worst patterns of behavior of partisans from both parties. Todd is hopeful that political supporters will reflect on what truly matters in times like these.

Alexandria shooting

Police authorities have identified the gunman as James T. Hodgkinson, a 66-year-old native of Illinois who transferred to Virginia two months ago. The suspect was said to be a supporter of the Dems and a strong critic of the U.S. president. In fact, Hodgkinson campaigned for Sen. Bernie Sanders during the Presidential Elections last year.