Ever since being sworn into office last January, Donald Trump has faced an onslaught of criticism over a variety of issues. As his administration puts focus on the president's recent plans for the military and veterans, Kellyanne Conway is facing the heat after a recent tweet.

Conway on Trump

When Donald Trump announced that he was going to run for president back in June 2015, he did so with a few talking points in mind. One area that the former host of "The Apprentice" put extra focus on was his concern with the military and veterans. During his campaign, Trump vowed to be make life better for active and retired service men and women, while claiming he would fix the VA in the process.

The issues at the VA have been well-documented, but Trump has yet to deliver a plan that would right the ship. Despite his promises, Trump ran into controversy during the election when millions of dollars that was raised by his fundraiser for veterans groups went missing, forcing the president to make up the difference after growing criticism. Since being sworn into office last January, Trump has done little on issues relating to veterans and the military due to various scandals and controversies plaguing his administration. On Monday, Trump announced his plan "fix and modernize" services for veterans, which was highlighted by Kellyanne Conway on June 6.

In his announcement this week, Donald Trump touted his new plan to help speed up the process of handling veteran's medical records by moving them from the Department of Defense to the VA and other veteran's groups.

"This has caused massive problems," Trump said, while adding, "we are finally taking steps to solve this situation once and for all."

Attempting to promote Donald Trump's plan for veteran health care, Presidential Counsel Kellyanne Conway took to Twitter, while taking time to bash the media.

"A very positive step forward for #veterans - & little to no media coverage of it this afternoon," Conway tweeted, while adding, "Media can play impt role informing vets."

Twitter reacts

Following Kellyanne Conway's tweet, the opposition to the current administration came out swinging in full force.

"Vets follow his tweets and see his actions. Donald Trump and his regime are 45's worst enemies, not MSM. You'll be 100% bald by Friday," one tweet read.

"Perhaps if he stopped attacking mayor of London in a totally tasteless way the media might pay attention. Suggest he recruit a press sec!" another social media user added.

"That's on your boss. If he wouldn't have done his Twitter rant this morning they'd have had to cover. He's his own worst enemy," a follow-up tweet pointed out.

"Yeah too bad the president's budget takes away Vets health care coverage. That's the REAL story. 45 has done nothing for any if us!" an additional message stated. While Kellyanne Conway did her best to promote the president's latest action on veterans, it didn't stop critics of the White House from continuing to speak out.