The President Donald Trump yesterday, June 14, celebrated his seventy-first birthday. It was the first birthday that the politician held in the White House, and the first lady of the country Melania was organizing the celebration.

Last week, Melania sent letters to all "faithful friends" of the US president with a request to help make his birthday truly unforgettable.

Trump appreciated the US army for their bravery, sacrifices, and dedication, and felt proud to be their Commander-in-Chief.

Interruptions in Trump's birthday

But his birthday was interrupted by two unpleasant events. Firstly, the US congressman from Louisiana, Steve Scalise, the leader of the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, wounded during an attack at a Baseball Practice near Washington. And secondly, against Trump, an investigation into his obstruction of justice was launched.

Because of the attack on Scalise, Trump interrupted the celebration in the White House and, together with Melania, went to the hospital for a congressman.

Ivanka celebrated his father's birthday

That's less, judging by his daughter Ivanka Trump, some celebration still took place, and indeed it was in the White House.

Daughter and counselor of President, Ivanka congratulated him on his 71st birthday via Facebook.

She had a great time with her family on his father's 71st birthday, arranged by the first lady (Melania Trump) for Donald Trump," Ivanka wrote on Facebook.

She published a photo with her children and husband, Trump team member Jared Kushner.

Also, Trump's family congratulated him on social networks on his birthday. The first lady congratulated Trump on Twitter with a rather formal greeting card and emoticons: three hearts and the US flag.

"Happy birthday, my incredible father, I hope that the year to come is your best yet," wrote by Ivanka on her Facebook page.

Also, the daughter of the president accompanied the congratulation with a photo from the family photo archive.

The media decided to recall that Trump also congratulated Melania on his Twitter in April.

Past birthday celebrations of Donald Trump

He celebrated his 42 birthday with a strange spectacle 15-foot spaceship, flashing lasers over his and wife's head, and performance by Michael Jackson’s. On the 50th anniversary, he received a chocolate cake decorated with figures of all his skyscrapers.

And in 2005, he blew out the candles on a 15-foot cake at the Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City in the company of "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson.