Donald Trump held a meeting with his cabinet on Monday. The highest officials had only positive reactions to say after the meeting.

Self praise

At the end of the meeting, Trump said there has never been a president, with the exception of FDR, who has brought more laws and done more things than he did, comparing himself with Franklin Roosevelt. Trump also said that he will continue fulfilling his promises "despite Democrats who are really obstructionist."

"You see what we are doing in Qatar. We will stop financing terrorism," Trump said. He also promised that he would soon adopt the new iron casting laws in the United States because they are "killing workers," and the disposal of aluminum "and various other things that are killing our workers."

Vice President Mike Pence said that it is the greatest privilege of his life is to serve as a vice president to the president who fulfills his promises to the people.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry said that "the United States will remain the world's climate leader despite Trump's withdrawal from the Paris deal":

Nikki Haley, US Ambassador to the UN, said: "We now have a strong voice, people know what the United States stands for, they know what we are against, they see us in a different light." She added that she thinks the international community realizes now that the USA is back. Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer released a humorous video saying, "You have a great hairstyle, no one has a better hairstyle than you."

Block of the travel ban

The 9th District Court of Appeal supported blocking of Trump's travel ban for Muslim states. This decision is the latest in a series of strikes by the US President's efforts to ban travel to the United States from several major Muslim states.

Trump has tried to introduce two travel bans since the beginning of his mandate, but judges across the state opposed it quickly. The Court for the Ninth Circuit also joined the Appellate Court for the Fourth District, which last month also decided to block Trump's ban and stated that it was "too motivated by religious intolerance and discrimination."

The judges of the 9th District Court published their statement: "US presidents have broad constitutional powers in border security issues, but immigration is not a show for one man, not even for a president."

"We conclude that the president has exceeded the powers conferred on him by the Congress," the statement from the Supreme Court said. The judges also requested the support from the Supreme Court.