In #Sicily on Friday and Thursday White House officials and other member nations of the #G7 group of countries braced themselves for what they expected to be be “a robust discussion” of the US's engagement with the Paris climate accord and Donald Trump's decision about pulling out.

#The Paris Climate accord was signed by Barack Obama in 2015 when he was President of the United States and it was the single biggest global push to halt and eradicate #global warming ever to be signed. Many nations signed on and pledged to reduce their emissions and for a moment the world was looking greener already.

Until Trump was voted in.

Robust discussions take place in Italy

On Friday, there was much lobbying and discussion that continued throughout the afternoon as leaders from these varied countries met behind discretely closed doors and talked about the impact of the United State's decision on the implementation of the #Paris accord.

There were meetings, teas, dinners and luncheons whilst the high-ranking officials and leaders pressed the pause button for an evening concert in the Teatro Antico di Taormina, a very old amphitheater that peers over into the glistening Mediterranean Sea. The summit ends on Saturday and all nations are waiting to see what the United States will decide on.