Melania Trump has refused to hold her husband's hand not once, but twice during their trip abroad as the first couple. On Monday, Melania swatted Donald's hand away when he reached for hers in Tel Aviv. The pair were walking on the red carpet from Air Force One when the president was flatly denied his wife's hand and a video of the incident went viral. Donald repeated the gesture again as he and Melania emerged from Air Force One, but she wouldn't have it. She immediately used her hand to brush the hair out of her face.

Expert examines first lady's lack of affection for husband

What does all of this mean? body language expert, Patti Wood, tells The Independent that Melania Trump felt as if she was being treated like a child in Tel Aviv. The president was walking ahead of her when he reached slightly behind him to grab her hand only to have it slapped away. Wood believes that the first lady was sending the message that "you can't lead me like a child."

Donald Trump is frequently seen walking in front of Melania -- perhaps his rude way of trying to be seen as the ultimate leader and not "part of a presidential couple," Wood surmises. She adds that Donald likes to control how they'll present themselves. In the past, Melania would try to hold Donald's hand and is used to being more affectionate with him.

In the few times she's tried since he was inaugurated, he has abruptly dropped her hand or swatted it away in a dismissive manner.

Wood explains that several photos show Melania's response to his treatment as "hurt or anger." The body language expert goes on to say that Melania's affectionate behavior has changed dramatically in the last few months.

She's accustomed to having her husband desire her and was more relaxed and comfortable. Wood notices that Mrs. Trump's shoulders go down, frowns more, looks downward, and is more stiff and unhappy.

Respecting cultural norms?

It's possible Melania was opposed to the idea of holding her husband's hand in public because they're on their first foreign trip together where physical affection is largely viewed as inappropriate.

It didn't stop Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump from holding hands in Saudi Arabia, however.

Is Melania Trump just determined to refrain from showing affection on this trip or is there more to it? The president and first lady are on a world stage and not much is getting past the media in terms of their personal communication. Will there be more scenes of Donald trying to Hold Hands with his wife only to have it swatted away?