When on a united airlines flight traveling from Houston to Kansas City recently, Nicole Harper urgently needed to use the bathroom, even though the fasten seat belt sign was lit up at the time. Harper is reportedly a nurse and a mother of two children and has reportedly suffered from an Overactive Bladder her whole life.

According to a report by 14News, one of the flight attendants on the United Airlines flight told Harper that as the fasten seat belt sign was on, she could not use the bathroom, going on to tell the passenger she must pee into a cup instead.

The flight attendant then handed her a small cup for that purpose.

Passenger warned the United Airlines flight crew she had a bladder problem

According to Harper, she had warned the flight attendants about her bladder problem and was completely humiliated by the incident. She described the cup to a reporter using her hands, indicating with her fingers that it was only a couple of inches in width. She added that the situation was completely humiliating to her, as there were other people around, all strangers, who didn’t understand that she had no control over the situation.

Harper went on to say that United Airlines needs to focus more on assisting their paying customers and offer a better customer service.

ABC13 said in a report that United Airlines is in contact with Harper and is investigating the incident.

Passenger on a Delta Air Lines flight got caught short too

A Delta Air Lines passenger had a similar experience recently when caught out by a full bladder. There was a lengthy delay in takeoff and he tried to use the plane’s bathroom, leading to him being kicked off the flight.

It seems passengers must in future ensure they visit the airport bathroom before boarding their flight.

United Airlines tells employees to always assume they are being captured on camera

Meanwhile, United Airlines is leading the race for most the controversial airline with its numerous scandals hitting the headlines. The latest was reported by Blasting News on Wednesday, about a passenger who didn’t even manage to get onto the plane before being kicked off his flight.

Rather ironically, the Independent reports that United Airlines has now sent out a memo to its employees to tell them that in future they must always assume they are being “recorded or photographed" by passengers, adding that at all times they must remain calm and professional. With all the current scandals involving bad customer service caught on video, United and other airlines are now trying to prevent their airline crew from becoming the next viral online video stars.