On Monday morning, a Charter Bus on a Field Trip to Washington Dc from Pennsylvania overturned on a highway while going through Baltimore. The bus was carrying 26 kids, three chaperones, and the driver when it was reported to have at least tumbled once on the highway near a small town -- Havre de Grace, Maryland. No deaths have been reported so far.

Injuries reported

However, one child and one adult were flown immediately to the nearest hospitals in Maryland and Delaware. These hospitals were the only two that were available for treat the trauma that the two victims were under.

The adult was a woman who was flown to the University of Maryland Medical Center. The woman is currently in the trauma center with no other reports on her condition. The other children and remaining adults were taken by ambulance to the other hospital in Maryland.

According to a statement by the University of Maryland Medical Center, seven to 10 patients with minor injuries were taken to the Bel Air hospital in Maryland. The other 12 to 15 people were taken to the nearest hospital in the area in which the incident occurred. No details have been reported on the child that was flown to Delaware.

Details of the crash

Maryland State Police spokesman Greg Shipley stated that the cause of the crash is not yet clear.

However, there was a car involved in the incident, and the driver of that car is being interviewed. No reports have been made regarding the driver of the car involved.

Also, Shipley stated that it was very fortunate for the bus that a group of Philadelphia police recruits were traveling behind in a commercial bus. These recruits, of course, helped out once they saw the scene.

It was also reported that video was taken of the woman being wheeled on a stretcher and waiting for a helicopter. Additionally, other videos showed kids and adults being carried into ambulances. The bus was unmarked, but it was confirmed that it was operated by a Pennsylvania-based charter company called Werner Coach, from Phoenixville.

Police stated that the students are from Charles W. Henry School based in Philadelphia. A news conference will be held on Monday afternoon to address the incident by the School District of Philadelphia.