When it comes to united airlines, it seems the hits just keep on coming. However, the latest scandal relates to something that happened on the ground. A passenger is upset and is claiming the airline canceled his Monday flight because he took video footage of a dispute between himself and a United Airlines agent.

Passenger was checking baggage for his flight back to San Francisco

37-year-old Navang Oza was hoping to fly back to San Francisco on Monday from new orleans. However, he complained when a United Airlines agent at the airport charged him a $300 fee for his checked bag.

According to Oza, he had checked the same bag on his flight to New Orleans and had only paid $125.

Frustrated passenger films dispute with United Airline's agent

Unable to solve the dispute with the United Airlines agent, Oza decided to film the dispute to share with other frustrated passengers on Twitter. However, according to the airline’s agent, who can be heard speaking in the video footage, he didn’t have her permission to film her.

She can be heard telling him to stop and put the phone down right now. The United agent then tells her colleague to cancel Oza’s reservation.

The agent then picked up her own smartphone, pointed it at Oza and started recording the upset passenger in return. She then told Oza that he wasn’t going anywhere until he erased the video footage.

As reported by KNTV, Oza said he was shocked, as he didn’t know if the United agent had the right to cancel his flight, just because he started filming the incident.

He did admit to having consumed a certain amount of alcohol and said he hadn’t slept well the night before, but the fact the agent canceled his flight was unacceptable to him.

It is legal to film anything inside the airport

According to Mike McCarron, an aviation analyst working for NBC Bay Area, while it is prohibited to film incidents occurring on a plane, those same restrictions do not apply inside the airport.

McCarron said the agent was incorrect in saying Oza couldn’t film her. He said the passenger and the agent were both in a public area and he is allowed to film whatever he wants.

Oza went on to say the United agent then called the airport police and he kept on filming as the officer appeared. He asked the officer if he can keep the footage, to which the officer replied that it was a public space and Oza has the right to do whatever he wants. The upset passenger then said he bought a one-way ticket with another airline but said he wants

The upset passenger then said he bought a one-way ticket with another airline but said he wants United Airlines to pay for that ticket. He further wants the airline to cancel any future travel he has booked with them, with no penalty payable.

KNTV was told by United Airlines that it is investigating the incident, saying the video footage doesn’t reflect the type of "customer experience" they strive to offer. The airline apologized in a statement, saying they are reviewing the incident and will be speaking with Oza and the airline’s agents in an effort to better understand the situation.

Scandals in the headlines for United Airlines

As noted by the New York Post, United Airlines has been in the headlines on several occasions recently, most particularly for the scandal where Dr. David Dao was violently dragged from his seat on an overbooked flight. The airline later reached an acceptable settlement with Dao for an unspecified amount.

Another incident involved the death of a valuable giant rabbit, flying from the U.K. to an unnamed celebrity owner in the U.S. on a United flight.

In other more recent news, Blasting News on Tuesday reported the story of a passenger on a United Airlines flight who ended up in San Francisco, instead of her intended destination of Paris, France, despite two airline agents seeing her boarding pass. The female passenger ended up with delays of around 28 hours, instead of her booked seven-hour flight.

In the meantime, much sardonic humor is erupting on Twitter relating to the United scandals.