After Melania Trump swatted and avoided the hand of husband Donald in Israel and Rome, respectively, the U.S. president showed on Thursday that he could display some rough body language too. While attending the NATO summit in Brussels, Trump shoved aside Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic so he would be in the center of the picture.

After he pushed his way to the front, the billionaire adjusted his suit, and with a triumphant facial expression, gestured his left hand toward German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The incident, like Melania’s swat and Pope Francis’ sour face during a photo with Trump, did not escape media attention.

Twitterverse reacts

After the shoving incident, which many saw as another demonstration of the real estate mogul’s power tripping, a lot of reactions and jokes were posted. The White House, however, had two explanations for what happened.

Mashable reported that it was a casual greeting between NATO leaders. The Telegraph asked White House spokesman Sean Spicer about it, but the official – a Catholic who felt bad that Trump did not include him in the Vatican courtesy call to the pontiff – said he had not seen the video. However, in his “alternative fact” reply, Spicer assumed his boss was moving to his designated spot.

On Twitter, Peter, who uses the handle @ZoneEscape, called Trump an A-hole and a real f***ing bully for the shove he gave Markovic.

TucsonBlonde sarcastically tweeted that the look on Trump’s face spelled arrogance and entitlement oozing off the American bully.

Political lines

Among the nouns and adjectives that Twitter members used to describe Trump after he shoved the PM were “idiot” by Shawn, “arrogant ignoramus” by Isabella Rowling, “uncouth” by D. Shuey, “tiny, tiny little man” by “Harry Potter” author J.K.

Rowling, and “profoundly rude a***ole” by ViewFromWise. KinnerBob said what Trump did is an embodiment of the ugly American.

DEM P-A-T-R-I-O-T-S commented that the shove is proof that the 45th U.S. president is a classless piece of s***. Susan Ives -- a Republican -- viewed the news as fake as she tweeted “if you believe the Crooked Liberal Media!” despite the footage that has gone viral.

For Trump defenders who bash the media, Stephen B Sander reminded them that the aggressive, uncouth, and boorish behavior of the president is no longer a private matter when done in public. Or, was he just implementing his “America first” campaign promise?