What is going to happen if the #United States and President Trump decide to end America's contribution in the Paris accord, that landmark agreement that aims to halt the warming of the planet through dangerous and noxious greenhouse gases?

According to the New York Times, a former senior #climate change adviser at the State Department when Obama was in power – Andrew Light – the other leaders at the global meeting would most definitely return to their desks in their countries very frustrated if “if trump blows this thing up and continues to sit on the fence.”

Robust discussion between member countries

Those countries compromise of the #G7 members Germany, Italy, Japan Canada, France, and the UK, as well as the mighty and varied European Union – all of whom are concerned about the global warming affecting our planet and the toll it will take on humans and industry.

Many other national leaders challenged Trump on his willingness to work against #climate change as soon as he set foot in Europe earlier this week. During a meeting with the new French president #Emmanuel Macron, the subject was talked about during NATO pow-wows in Brussels. The Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel, also pressed the US president on the issue in what White House aides and sources described as a robust discussion.