Deputy press secretary Sarah Sanders said that Trump fired FBI director James Comey Jr. a few days after appearing in a senate earlier this week because the director is no longer fit to head the FBI. This is despite glaring issues over the timing of the decision, which was right in the middle of Comey's investigation of Trump's ties with Russia.

Trump won't stop FBI investigation over Russian interference in US election

Amidst suspicion of interfering with FBI investigation, Sanders told reporters that Trump's conscious interference of the bureau's investigation over Russian election hacks are lies.

Sanders continue to reiterate that President Trump was doing the right thing, which is supported by many democrat and republican members of congress.

Though the major contention thrown at Trump's decision was the timing, Sanders said that there isn't any good time to fire Comey than the time chosen by the president.

Former Fbi Director Comey had released the investigation reports over Hillary's emails days before the election, which arguably contributed to Trump's win. However, Trump's council have now decided that Comey's act was "showboat and grandstanding" and was unfit to lead the FBI.

What are the repercussions of Trump's unprecedented decision of firing Comey?

Many in media are now showing Trump's almost authoritative use of power on firing Comey, especially with the timing of the decision.

Comey was in the middle of a continuous investigation over possible Russian manipulation of US elections when he was subsequently fired. The said Russian scandal is being linked to Trump, especially after people in his cabinet are caught red handed in dealing with Russia like Michael Flynn.

Despite this, Sanders pointed out that only the president has the power to fire an FBI director and that responsibility forced Trump to end Comey's career.

Trump is said to grow weary of Comey's grandstanding and may affect his methods of investigation, especially with Russia.

What is the future of the FBI?

According to Sanders, many of the people she talked within the agency are happy that Comey was no longer the director. Though no reasons have been divulged over the bureau's elation, Sanders reiterated that Trump's decision was the right one to make.

The FBI will continue its investigation and will stay resolute on concluding the Russian issue once and for all. Acting director Andrew McCabe now assumed office, yet in his statement before the senate, he said that Comey didn't lose the confidence of the rank and file of employees in the FBI. The real reasons for Comey's dismissal are still unclear and many are wondering what President Trump will do next.