A much-awaited statement by the NYPD investigating the times square incident was released earlier today. The horrible event shook the entire city of New York. Officers claimed that the motorist was under the influence of drugs and maybe even mentally unstable. The culprit Richard Rojas revealed to cops that he had Smoked Marijuana mixed with PCP just before the deadly incident.

The influence of drugs caused deadly accident

Rojas mowed down unsuspecting pedestrians walking on the sidewalk in the Times Square area. According to eyewitnesses, he was yelling "I want to kill all of them" while driving through the crowded sidewalks.

The assailant also shouted that information to the officers while being arrested. Rojas said he had expected to be killed by the officers.

In a Manhattan Criminal Court on Friday, he was charged with murder by vehicular homicide as well as with 20 charges of attempted murder. Harrison Schweiloch, the prosecutor said Rojas' actions were insane, especially that of declaring war against the peaceful residents of New York. The judge ordered him held in police custody without bail.

The accused killer is a former navy officer

His rampage started late Thursday morning when he drove his car into the crowded 7th Avenue sidewalk. The 26-year-old former navy officer went crashing through nearly 25 pedestrians and also caused significant damages to public property.

The whole episode that paralyzed Times Square ended when he ran into a metal barricade on 45th street on the upper west side. He was subsequently arrested by a traffic officer that chased him.

Alyssa Elsman, an 18-year-old tourist from Michigan, was killed in this tragic accident. Reportedly, 22 people sustained multiple injuries, including Alyssa's 13-year-old sister Ava.

According to an official statement, four people are listed in critical condition with serious fractures, injuries, and internal bleeding.

At first, the incident was reported as a terrorist attack, however, investigators later issued a statement ending that speculation. Law enforcement officials said it was an unfortunate case of driving under the influence of drugs.

The New York Police Department has released a statement that an investigation is now under way, they have sent for a toxicology report for Rojas. According to the department, they are waiting for his blood results to confirm the illicit drug in his system. Rojas who is now awaiting his day in court before a jury of his peers is also being investigated to see if there were any other motives behind his actions.