Times Square car crash that claimed a woman’s life

The fire department has confirmed the dead of a woman and scores of 22 other people injured after a speeding car drove along the pavement of New York City’s #times square. The crash occurred on Thursday shortly before noon.

According to the Guardian, “Richard Rojas was driving a maroon 2009 Honda Accord.” Rojas then drove at high speed along the sidewalk. Rojas was taken to Bellevue hospital center on Thursday night where he was evaluated. The driver of the car was arrested shortly after the incident and is in custody.

Details about the driver indicate that he is a 26-year-old US Navy veteran and a US citizen. The driver was charged with attempted murder and homicide.

Police have confirmed the death of an 18-year-old woman. Among those injured, four were in life-threatening condition, three sustained severe injuries, and 15 other victims suffered less severe injuries, according to the fire department.

Michael Rickerby wrote on Twitter: “just witnessed a car running people over in Times Square… What is wrong with some people?!”

The New York Mayor Bill de Blasio informed the press that there was no indication that the incident was an act of terrorism. The White House press secretary confirmed that President Donald Trump had been informed about the incident.

According to BBC News, the crash occurred just after recent deadly attacks in London, France, Israel, Berlin, and Sweden.

Investigations Launched over the Times Square crush

The FBI department has already started investigating the incident. Preliminary reports indicate that there is no terror link in the incident. According to claims by NYPD, the suspect, Richard Rojas, was arrested in 2008 and 2015 for drunk driving.

Rojas was once arrested in September 2012, after he attacked a cab driver. He failed to pay the cab driver and asked him to follow him into the barracks. Rojas attacked the driver, instead of paying him.

According to the ABC News report, police believes that the suspect was high on marijuana. Reports about the tests carried out by the security agencies showed negative results for alcohol but positive for drugs.

According to New York Times, the police carried out a search at the place where Rojas and his mother live. Records indicate that Rojas left the Navy in May 2014. Rojas left the Navy when he had attained the rank of electrician’s mate fireman trainee. Circumstances of his departure from Navy are still scanty as Navy officials remained adamant to disclose details that led to his exit from the service.