Just this morning I was prepared to believe that trump might skate past Russia unscathed. Russia might turn up some fancy bank deals to build golf courses when everyone else was broke. But it was less than likely that the investigation would uncover anything but a lot of noise and no incriminating connections. But any good lawyer knows that between smoke and mirrors and serious offense the lines can be almost nonexistent.


Jeff Sessions may be a bigot, and he is very certainly a creature who eats out of the palm of his master's hand. But he is not hyper-smart.

It is very doubtful that he gave the Donald the right advice which would have been, lay off Comey.


Right now the media are focusing on the optics of Comey's firing. He is speaking to FBI people in LA and sees the firing on the tube. He may make a joke to lighten the mood. He is slippery by his own admission. The first thing Comey thinks is that this is not over. Then he wonders why Trump would lower the boom when it is he, Comey who can spin the evidence.


Did Donald think he would not keep his date with the Senate Intelligence Committee and talk to whoever he wants to about what he knows or surmises about Trump and Russia?

The first thing he knew is this is not over. Why? Because, and this is where Donald failed to think.


Comey can and no doubt will testify, and there is nothing Trump can do to stop him short of declaring martial law and being taken to St. Elizabeths and put in a straitjacket. Trump may want out, and he doesn't care how he does it as long as it gets monster headlines.

If he thinks he is somehow halting the Russia business, how dumb can the man be? He has just increased the size of the target on his back. He has done the one thing he could have done to get monster headlines and ensure that whatever truth there may be will get out.

Anger and headlines

It is the night of the firing. Comey is by now good and mad because he wanted that ten years and he only got three; He can take that anger and use it.

We will be watching to see how a pro can take supposition and weave it into a call for a special prosecutor and possibly a shortcut to impeachment.

All courtesy of Donald Trump and his acolytes over at Justice. Meanwhile, the rest of us will prepare ourselves for the next Trump action because that is what Trump does. Every day he asks what will get that banner headline on the fake New York Times. Today he nailed it. Tomorrow he gets to go apoplectic or confesses all or absconds with John Daly -- whatever it will take. Just keep those headlines coming.