Both #France and Germany were unhappy with President Trump's stalling on the Paris Climate accord on Saturday. This followed on from three brisk days of debate and concern, when the Group Of 7 nations attempted to press the United States – and Trump's administration – into staying with the landmark climate accord.

Barack Obama had signed the greenhouse gas-curbing agreement in 2015 and it was hailed by all as a great solution to climate change. Since the United States is the world's top two polluters, and the world's biggest economy, many were glad that they had signed onto such a logical and sensible pact.

But Trump's recent indecision, and his delay on either signing or withdrawing, is both driving a sizable and frantic wedge between the US and the Group of 7 counties. This, as well as throwing the Paris accord into question. Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel said in a stern tone on Saturday to the media that the discussion with America were difficult. She described it as six countries being in opposition to one country, the US.

Also seeming to be unimpressed was #President Emmanuel Macron of France. He is a new president and might lack interntaional diplomacy experience, but he struck an authoritative tone on Saturday when he said that America needs to sign or face losing its sterling reputation amongst the nations in the international treaty. Trump is yet to make an announcement.