n a recent article by CNN, journalist Scott Glover brought us the story of a translator who worked at The Fbi on secret missions, lied to her superiors, ran off to Syria and married a terrorist.

Danielle Greene was born in Czechoslovakia, and she lived in Germany for some time. She married an American soldier very early and moved to the United States. According to Mail Online, she "attended college at Cameron University in Oklahoma and graduate school at Clemson University." She was among the best students and was employed as a translator in one of the US government agencies.

Because of her knowledge of German, she began working for the FBI in 2011 as a contract translator.


Dennis Cuspert was a German rapper who, after a car accident, turned to Islam in 2010 and later became a terrorist for the Islamic State (ISIS). As a rapper, he was known as Deso Dogg and was covered with tattoos in American rapper style. As an Islamist he had several names, he was mentioning Osama bin Laden in his songs and threatening former US President Barrack Obama. He became more and more popular online and found himself on the radar of anti-terrorist organizations on two continents.


In January 2014, Greene began working on the case of an Islamist Terrorist who turned out to be Cuspert.

In June of that same year, she fled from her husband to Syria, using the excuse that she would visit her parents in Germany. However, once in Syria, she Cuspert. After two months she realized she had made a mistake and ran back to the US where she was arrested. In December she pleaded guilty after co-operating with the authorities and was released in August 2016, after two years in jail.

The trial was held in secret due to the security aspects and the due to the process of investigation. Greene largely cooperated with the authorities from the start. She was charged with a criminal offense that endangers national security which is usually punished by a very high sentence. But due to the showing of remorse and a large amount of useful information that she provided to the authorities, her sentence was reduced.

She said she was weak and she did not know how to deal with the situation and when she realized that she had made a mistake she ran away. Today she works as a hotel hostess.

Cuspert was mentioned as a terrorist in the US State Secretariat in February 2015. But a few weeks later, a German newspaper published a story about the marriage of an Islamist terrorist and the FBI's spy. But in this version, unlike the court report, it was said that the marriage was the FBI's plan. The FBI refused to comment.

In October 2015, the Pentagon announced that Cuspert had died in an air strike on the Syrian town of Raqqah but nine months later, on August 3 in 2016, Pentagon announced that this was not the case. The following day Greene was released.