The United States Job Growth rebounded sharply last month with a drop of one-tenth of a percentage point. Unemployment is now at 4.4 percentthe lowest level since May 2007 – well below the median forecast for full employment.

Last month's job growth rose by 211,000 jobs which passed this year's monthly average of 185,000 jobs. The industries that showed the greatest growth were leisure and hospitality, healthcare and social assistance as well as business and professional services.

Federal Reserve optimistic about the future

Reuters reported that Michael Feroli an economist at JP Morgan in New York said that the rise in jobs should keep the Federal Reserve firmly on track and help with interest rate forecasts.

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve said it expected Labor Markets conditions to strengthen a bit more, and has forecast two more increases for this year.

The U.S. Central bank reports the hiring rebound supports the belief that this year's first quarter was likely “transitory,” and that they were optimistic the economy will expand at a “moderate” pace moving forward.

The Obama administration left a strong job market for the Trump administration who has promised to boost economic growth and strengthen labor markets through tax cuts and with cuts in regulations.The average hourly earnings rose 0.3 percent in April.

The average hourly earnings rose 0.3 percent in April.

Payroll growth is strong now but could slow

The private-sector, in the first quarter, recorded their strongest gain in 10 years, according to a government report put out last week. Expected to hit a full-employment level this year, the labor market admits that firms are finding it difficult to get qualified workers, so gains could slow, but wages could increase.

David Berson, chief economist at Nationwide, said that labor markets are still lacking but they see rapid improvement even in there.

Employment-to-population ratio grew one-tenth of percentage point

Unemployment dropped three-tenths of a percentage point among people have given up searching but want to work, and part-time workers who cannot find full-time employment.

This has brought unemployment to 8.6 percent, the lowest percentage since November 2007.

Retailers like J.C. Penny, Macy's, and Abercrombie & Fitch have given notice to thousands of workers because they are closing many of their brick-and-motor locations and transitioning to online sales. However, government jobs grew by 17,000 last month due to the increase of government jobs at local level.