Not everyone is as nice as April the giraffe.

While the adorable long neck is stealing hearts gulping carrots at Animal Adventure Park, a Camel from Beauvoir is making headlines for the wrong reasons.

Sir Camelot, a caffeine-addicted camel, is now embroiled in a legal battle for biting and attacking a woman.

On May 8, Sylvia June Abbott from Florida filed a Lawsuit in Harrison County Circuit Court, stating that she was attacked by the animal while walking towards the cemetery. As a result, Sylvia suffered multiple injuries, and had to spend a considerable sum of money on treatments and medical expenses.

Abbott has filed a case against United Sons of Confederate Veterans, the entity that manages Beauvoir, The Jefferson Davis Home and Presidential Library. Pointing fingers at the officials, Abbott said that the Beauvoir management was aware that the animal had misbehaved in the past. The lawsuit, however, did not shed light on any such incidents. In fact, Sir Camelot was known to be friendly, allowing children to pet him.

Camel's birthday party

It was Greg Stewart, former Beauvoir director, who brought the camel, ponies, and goats to Beauvoir to attract visitors. The camel, who arrived at Beauvoir as a baby, was an instant hit with the children. A 9-year-old named him Sir Camelot when the site conducted a camel-naming contest.

Sir Camelot, whose activities were promoted on Facebook, had a loyal fan following — both online and offline. On his first birthday in May 2015, fans threw him a party. They also baked him a scrumptious cake made of carrots and dry fruits.

During that time, the camel was friendly and there were no complaints of any bad behavior.

The staff at Beauvoir said that the adorable creature was “an absolute asset.”

“Kids love him and he loves the kids,” said Kitsaa Stevens, Beauvoir programs and events coordinator, according to a report by The Sun Herald.

Charles M. Thomas, the attorney handling the case, said that Mrs Abbott, along with her husband, visited Beauvoir in 2015.

The pair was walking towards the cemetery near the Davis home, when Sir Camelot the camel bit her and kicked her.

Sir Camelot loves Dr. Pepper

The lawsuit filed by Abbott stated that the animal is "a real beast" and is “dangerous.” It also accused the Beauvoir management of negligence.

Beauvoir employees, however, have a different story to tell. They said that the most dangerous thing about the camel is his addiction to caffeine. “The camel loves coffee and Dr. Pepper, the staff said.

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