As shock ratcheted across America on Thursday and Wednesday, the public firing of #James Comey, the director of the FBI, engulfed both social media and the press, with the whole of the country talking about the shock announcement.

After opinions had circulated and rumors swirled about Comey's firing, the press and the media, as well as #Democrats and Republicans, got down to researching and figuring out how things had come to this. How had such a dramatic move been played out when such a potentially-dramatic investigation was in the middle of being carried out?

Was this where the clues lied?

And of course, the name of #Richard Nixon has been brought up on numerous occasions, as those who are of the view that Trump is hiding something attempt to put the shocking events into some sort of historical perspective.

Commentators on Twitter asked for President Trump's impeachment, and many Republicans and Democrats also requested that an independent panel be set up tot further investigation into the Russian-Trump campaign issue that has captivated the country – and it seemed #James Comey.

And of course, only time will tell how history views these events – and who is being deceitful and who is being deceived. This will be revealed in time…